How many follow/like can I make?

Depends on many factors.

Age of the account. New accounts have lower limits , it can make less follow/comments.

How many friends do you have. If you follow a lot of people and just a few people follow you, is a sign that your account is bad, so you will have lower limits. Gain some friends or buy someĀ  followers, preferably to be real followers because for instagram matters if your followers are active or not. From time to time, post some nice/popular things to gain likes. Remove those friends which don’t follow back.

How many follow/like you made in the last period

How involved are you. How many comments/like you get, how many comments you give

If you have links in bio or on your posts, that is another sign of a bad account, that you came to Instagram just to advertise with your links. Social networks hate the external links, they don’t to make the user exit their sites, also if you want to promote something, they want you to pay for the advertising.


Why you I get banned/limited?

Posting the same content which got your other accounts banned/reported, it will probably trigger the anti-spam filter on the current account too.

Don’t act like a robot, even that you are using one. Leave some delays between the requests, like a regular user will do in a browser.

Don’t send more than 400 follow/like per day, is not natural.

Don’t use more than 1 instagram account per proxy.

You won’t get banned just because you login from a bad IP/proxy/VPN. A lot of users will login from public wi-fi from airports/restaurants and no site will ban just for that. But you might be asked to verify, just to prove that you are the same person, not a hacker from another location which tries to hack your account.


Nobody knows all the settings, except instagram. Also the things are constantly changing , we will try to keep this up to date. If you want share your experience, please leave a comment on this post.